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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 1041 k-1

Instructions and Help about form 1041 k-1

This presentation will explain one technique to prepare a plan to satisfy your Penn State degree requirements and then explain how to fill out a u.s. ACC form 1:04 - our planned academic program worksheet students attending other colleges may be able to use this technique using their school's resources unless otherwise noted these instructions apply to students attending the University Park campus to complete the United States Army Cadet Command form 1:04 - are commonly called the 104 AR you will need these items I recommend that you contact the recruiting operations office to get a copy of the 104 AR that has some common Penn State specific information already filled in however this presentation will assume that you have a blank 104 are you must use the PDF version of the 104 our data September 2021 or later earlier versions use an excel file that does not calculate the credit hour is the same way only use the current PDF version you also need to access the university bulletin at the URL shown on the screen and I'll show you how to access your particular Penn State recommended academic plan later on in this presentation the 104 is a three-page document the first page includes your ministry of data and the first part of your academic plan this example includes the common information used by all cadets attending Penn State Army ROTC with the dates for those who will graduate in May of 2021 the second page has a remainder of your academic plan and a certification section the last page is a statement of Understanding between you and the professor of military science that you will complete the requirements for a particular degree the Penn State website includes all the information that you need to complete your plan the University of Bulletin allows you to look up degree requirements course descriptions general education requirements and Bachelor of Arts degree requirements on the right side of each University bulletin page there are links to the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements and each category of the general education requirements as well as a look out for individual course descriptions here's an example of the army classes offered at Penn State from any University bulletin page you can click on the leftmost menu item labeled University course description then the first letter of the course an alphabetical listing of course subjects that begin with that letter will appear on the left side of the page click on a course subject like army to see all the courses under that course subject by clicking on a course number you can get more details about that specific course a later slide will show an example of such a page penn state requires all students seeking a baccalaureate degree to take 45 credits of general education courses every student must take a certain number of credits within each category to complete the general education or gen ed and requirement the move 3.